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  MindVision Releases Installer VISE 3.6.1 for Windows

LINCOLN, NEB. - May 4, 2004: MindVision Software today announced the immediate availability of Installer VISE(tm) 3.6.1 for Windows.

Installer VISE 3.6.1 is a maintenance release that delivers improved performance for both the builder application and installers. Notable bug fixes in this release are as follows:

  • When attempting to remove itself because its "shared file" counter in the registry had gone to zero, the uninstaller executable (unvise32.exe) would display a Yes/No reboot dialog containing no text other than the button captions.
  • The Requirements and Select Components screens were unable to display a second time, giving the appearance that the "Back" button was non- functional on the screen that was displayed immediately following one of these two screens.
  • The 16/32-bit installer checkbox is now removed from the General tab of Installer Properties, to correctly reflect the fact that 16-bit installers were no longer supported in the v3.6 release. Building from an old VCT that was set to build a 16-bit installer will now instead build a 32-bit installer. The sample16.dll external code example project is also now removed from the ExtCodes directory, as a 16-bit DLL cannot be called from a 32-bit installer.

The Installer VISE 3.6.1 installer is available for downloading now at

For a listing of other enhancements and bug fixes in this release, see the Release Notes document in the Installer VISE 3.6.1 installer, or visit

Fully functional evaluation copies of Installer VISE 3.6.1 are available for downloading at

This is a free upgrade to customers who already have a license that is valid for Installer VISE 3.6. Purchasing information is available through the MindVision web site at, or by contacting us at (402) 323-6600 or

MindVision Software continues to offer Installer Consulting Services.

Many of our clients have taken advantage of this service in order to complete critical or time sensitive projects. If you have a current Installer VISE license and installer specifications finalized, we can provide feedback or guidance to help you complete your installer. Once we receive a copy of your installer specifications we will send you a quote for the amount of time involved and the costs for each project. We will build your installer and provide a copy of the final VCT file.

If you would like more information about consulting services or would like to contact us about contract work for your next project, please send an e-mail to

Founded in 1987, MindVision Software is a recognized industry leader specializing in software delivery systems for Macintosh and Windows. Installer VISE has long been the industry standard installer for the Macintosh, and is recognized as an excellent choice for Windows. Thousands of software companies, including Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, Netscape, Macromedia, AOL, Connectix and FileMaker have come to rely on our software to deliver professional, easy-to-use installers to their customers.

Fully-functional evaluation copies of MindVision products can be obtained directly from the MindVision web site, by calling (402) 323-6600, or by sending e-mail to

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