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LINCOLN, NEB. - May 14, 2003: MindVision Software today releases Installer VISE(tm) 8.2, an update to the highly popular Mac OS X installer. This version offers improved bundle searching, dynamically variable install locations, extended shell script support and more.


Features of the new Installer VISE include:

Improved bundle searching
With built-in support for bundle searching, Installer VISE 8.2 makes it easier to locate and modify application bundles. Installers now search by the name of the executable inside the bundle (in case the end user has changed the bundle name) and display found items by the current bundle name. When checking for bundle version, installers now use the bundle version inside the .plist file in addition to the older-style 'vers' resource.

Set install locations with variables
You can now use a special Installer VISE runtime variable to dynamically set install locations at the time of install.

Store Find action results in variables
Find actions let you store the full path to found items in a runtime variable, which you can then test with Test Variable actions.

New UNIX Script action item
The new UNIX Script action item offers a simple way to execute UNIX shell scripts from your installer. This action supports the use of Installer VISE runtime variables, and is a good choice for when you don't need to perform actions on installed items. (For access to standard UNIX parameters such as $1, you'll need to use the more advanced method noted below.)

Pass more information to UNIX shell scripts
Building on existing support for UNIX shell scripts, Installer VISE 8.2 allows more communication between scripts and installers. An installer that calls a UNIX shell script (as external code) before or after installing an item will now also pass the following information to the script:

  • Install path
  • File name
  • Special Installer VISE variable
  • RefCon value
The script can also return success or failure to the installer.

Create UNIX shell scripts for installers with any text editor
To allow for shell script creation without a resource editor, Installer VISE 8.2 supports adding shell scripts to the Project window as plain text files.

Pass information to sub-launched installers
Installers can now use external code to pass information to sub-launched installers. Also, a new setting within the Sub-launch action item allows sub-launched installers to use the main installer's install location by default.

Use main progress bar for sub-launched installers
Rather than display their own progress bar, sub-launched installers can now optionally use the progress bar of the main installer.

Set owner of installed items to root without shell scripts
To automatically set the owner of an installed item to the root user without UNIX shell scripts, Installer VISE now includes a "Set Owner To Root" feature that can be set for any install item.

Ignore hidden items during searches
A new setting allows installers to ignore hidden Mac OS X items during searches.

Support for longer folder names
For installs on Mac OS X, Installer VISE now supports folder names of up to 63 characters. The previous limit was 31 characters.

.icns file support for custom installer icons
Installers can now use .icns files for the custom installer icon.

Add items to the Dock without external code
The Alias action item includes a new setting for adding aliases to the Doc without external code.

VCTs default to "Always Set Install To Install Folder"
Installer VISE can automatically set the default install location for items added to the archive, depending on the item type such as font or extension. This option is disabled by default in new VCTs, so that all items added to the archive use Install Folder as the install location.

Remove compressed data from VCTs with new AppleScript command
There is a new Installer VISE AppleScript command for removing compressed data from VCTs, which is often done to make the VCTs smaller for source control purposes.

Require users to scroll to bottom of license agreements End user license agreements displayed by installers will now require the user to scroll to the bottom before the Accept button is enabled.

Support for pasting text into installer forms
To help users more quickly and accurately enter complex information such as serial numbers, Installer VISE now supports pasting text into installer forms.

NetOctopus integration
Installer VISE 8.2 now integrates with Netopia NetOctopus 4.2. NetOctopus's FileScripter Pro allows you to create installers from comparative snapshots of drives or folders. For more information, click here.

More changes
For a listing of other changes in this release, see the Read Me in the Installer VISE installer.


Fully-functional evaluation copies of Installer VISE 8.2 are available for downloading here.

Customers with current annual licenses are eligible to receive this upgrade for free. Others can find licensing information through the MindVision web site here, or by contacting us at (402) 323-6600 or


MindVision has provided Mac OS X installation solutions since May 2000, which allowed our clients to build installers in preparation for the release of Mac OS X Public Beta that September. For the past three years we have continually developed Installer VISE to provide rock-solid installations solutions for the latest Mac OS X technologies.

The Installer VISE features we have introduced for Mac OS X include:

  • One installer executable for System 7.1 through Mac OS X
  • Install files to any Mac OS X domain, or to the Classic environment
  • Perform user authentication for full access to install locations
  • Set permissions for install items
  • Execute UNIX shell scripts from the installer
  • Install symbolic links
  • Create Mac OS X application bundles
  • Support for Mac OS X large icons


Founded in 1987, MindVision Software is a recognized industry leader specializing in software delivery systems for Macintosh and Windows. Installer VISE has long been the industry standard installer for the Macintosh, and is recognized as an excellent choice for Windows. Thousands of software companies, including Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, Netscape, Macromedia, AOL, Connectix and FileMaker have come to rely on our software to deliver professional, easy-to-use installers to their customers.

Fully-functional evaluation copies of MindVision products can be obtained directly from the MindVision web site, by calling (402) 323-6600, or by sending e-mail to

MindVision and Installer VISE are trademarks of MindVision, Inc. All other brand names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and are hereby acknowledged.

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