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LINCOLN, NEB. - Sept. 3, 2002: MindVision Software today releases Installer VISE(tm) 8.0.1.


Installer VISE 8.0.1 is a compatibility release with changes designed specifically to support installs on Apple's Mac OS X v10.2 (code name Jaguar).

The Installer VISE 8.0.1 installer is available for downloading now at

The changes in this release include:

  • When installing kernel extensions (KEXTs), Installer VISE automatically sets the owner of the KEXT to root.
  • Installers no longer crash under certain language settings of Mac OS X.
  • Various problems with the display of License Agreement and Read Me files are fixed.
  • A problem with Carbon and Unified installers not displaying the Read Me after the user prints and accepts the License Agreement is fixed. Also, these installers no longer fail to install files after the user accepts the License Agreement and then accepts and prints the Read Me.
  • Installers no longer display strange characters for the name of the selected install folder.
  • For installers running on Mac OS X, the "Allow Installation to Mounted Servers" setting no longer fails.
  • Installers running on Mac OS X no longer quit after the user tries to print a License Agreement or Read Me file when there are no printers set up for the machine.
  • Installer VISE now recognizes Read Me and License Agreement files with the ".rtf" or ".txt" suffix. (RTF files are recommended for Carbon installers only.) The previous version required the use of SimpleText files.
  • An intermittent problem with installers crashing after the user initiates printing of the License Agreement and Read Me files and then cancels both is fixed.
  • A problem with sending Apple Events to installers built as a Mac OS X application bundle is fixed.
  • The "Open After Installing" setting for folders now works properly with Carbon and Unified installers.
  • When set to alias an "Archive Item," the Alias action returns the appropriate success or failure result. The previous version would always return a failure, even when it successfully created an alias.
  • A problem with evaluating the success or failure of action items is fixed.
  • The Developer VISE Moved Items folder and its contents are now deleted after a restart on Mac OS X.
  • Multiple-language installers display dialogs in the language of the operating system when that language is supported. The previous version would always use the installer default language.
  • Single-language Korean installers now show correct volume names when running on Korean Mac OS X.
  • When Spanish installers create a new folder, the folder name "Untitled Folder" is now translated.
  • A problem with the display of Chinese characters in multiple-language installers is fixed.
  • English installers running on the German Mac OS and displaying a German License Agreement now display all characters of the Continue button.
  • A problem with updaters displaying a blank dialog box when running on Mac OS X is fixed.
  • Updater items now ignore the Long Name field, which enables them to work correctly on Mac OS X.
  • Saving an installer as a Mac OS X bundle and then saving to the same location as another installer type no longer results in an error.
  • Canceling a bundle build no longer leaves a folder at the installer location set by the build target.
  • Installer VISE validates paths of an empty archive without errors.
  • Gestalt and Build Directive settings in the Edit Package Window display properly.
  • A problem with build errors after you change an archive's "Open with application" setting at the Finder from Installer VISE 7.4.1 to version 8.0 is fixed.
  • Packages can now be deleted from archives that have not yet been saved.
  • The Gestalt check "Has CarbonLib 1.04 or Greater" has been changed to "Has CarbonLib 1.1 or Greater" to match the minimum requirement for Carbon installers.
  • There is a new Gestalt check for Mac OS X v10.2 or greater.
  • The Installer VISE header files have been updated to support functions in eSellerate version 2.1. In order for your external code resources to make use of eSellerate 2.1 functions, you will need to recompile them using the new header files.
  • Developers can now prevent Installer VISE from importing .DS_Store files when a folder is added to the archive. Additionally, performing Bring Up To Date will not mark the files to be added to the archive as new files. This option can be set through a new checkbox called "Ignore DS_Store Files" at Installer Settings/Advanced Tab/Builder box.
  • The Translator Application is now a Carbon application.
  • Various cosmetic issues within the builder application are fixed.


Fully-functional copies of Installer VISE 8.0.1 are available for downloading at

Customers with current annual licenses are eligible to receive this upgrade for free. Others can find licensing information through the MindVision web site at, or by contacting us at (402) 323-6600 or


MindVision has provided Mac OS X installation solutions since May 2000, which allowed our clients to build installers in preparation for the release of Mac OS X Public Beta that September. For more than two years we have continually developed Installer VISE to provide rock-solid installations solutions for the latest Mac OS X technologies.

The Installer VISE features we have introduced for Mac OS X include:

  • One installer executable for System 7.1 through Mac OS X
  • Install files to any Mac OS X domain, or to the Classic environment
  • Perform user authentication for full access to install locations
  • Set permissions for install items
  • Execute UNIX shell scripts from the installer
  • Install symbolic links
  • Create Mac OS X application bundles
  • Support for Mac OS X large icons


Founded in 1987, MindVision Software is a recognized industry leader specializing in software delivery systems for Macintosh and Windows. Installer VISE has long been the industry standard installer for the Macintosh, and is recognized as an excellent choice for Windows. Thousands of software companies, including Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, Netscape, Macromedia, AOL, Connectix and FileMaker have come to rely on our software to deliver professional, easy-to-use installers to their customers.

Fully-functional evaluation copies of MindVision products can be obtained directly from the MindVision web site, by calling (402) 323-6600, or by sending e-mail to

MindVision and Installer VISE are trademarks of MindVision, Inc. All other brand names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and are hereby acknowledged.

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