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  Introducing Installer VISE 3.1 for Windows

If you've been holding your breath for the next MindVision offering,
go ahead and breathe. MindVision Software announces Installer VISE
3.1 for Windows!

"Installer VISE 3.1 builds on the tremendous success of 3.0 by adding
even more power and convenience," said Steve Kiene, MindVision CEO.
"Installer VISE 3.1 offers enhanced graphics support to keep
installer sizes down, provides increased support for Visual Basic,
and even cleans up when someone cancels an installation in progress."

To see these features and more in vibrant color, visit our web site -

If you just took the online tour, you might be too excited to read
on. If so, you can download the new release at Otherwise, you
can read more about it below.

Installer VISE 3.1 delivers the following new features:

JPEG Support For Installer Graphics

Billboards use graphics to help you advertise new features,
promotions or other benefits. Installer VISE allows you to use JPEGs
rather than .bmps for billboards, and this keeps installers smaller.

Rollback Changes On Cancelled Installs

Every so often, a user hits "cancel" during an installation, leaving
files and other things where they shouldn't be. Installer VISE's
rollback will undo changes made up to that point, including changes
made to files, folders, registry entries, and INI file entries.

Split Paths Into Drive, Directory and Name

The Split Path action item extracts the drive, directory and name
from a path. The results are stored in variables useful in processing
"Find Action" results.

Increased Support For Visual Basic

The Visual Basic Project Wizard supports references in Visual Basic 6.0.

DirectX 6.1 (And Beyond) Check

The DirectX Check action will recognize current and future DirectX
releases. This action item checks for DirectX and returns a value
which indicates the version installed. To help keep installers
current, we will post and maintain a list of expected version values
on our web site at

Files In Use Can Later Self-Register

Many files can register themselves during installation. However, when
such files are in use, they can't be registered until after a
restart. Installer VISE 3.1 automatically handles the registration of
in-use/locked files after a restart.

Add Items Dialog Enhancements

Installer VISE 3.1 keeps the "Add Items" dialog open and allows you
to add more than one item at a time.

Support For Self-Registering .TLB Files

Installer VISE now supports self-registration of type library (.tlb)
files. Such files contain information about COM interfaces they

Now that you've read the highlights, you're ready to download
Installer VISE 3.1 at

Thank you for choosing Installer VISE 3.1. Please let us know how it
works for you. We value your feedback.

To make comments or suggestions, contact

What's Installer VISE?

Installer VISE (Visual Installer Setup Environment) easily installs files of any sort; creates program groups, shortcuts, registry entries; installs and activates services; calls custom DLLs; builds floppy, CD, network, and Internet installers; updates old versions to new versions; offers password protection and built-in product serialization; flexibly interacts with end-users; and delivers faster, smaller installations with top-quality compression. All of this is done in an all-visual environment that requires no scripting or programming expertise.

Foreign language files are available for over a dozen languages, and tools to simplify the localizing of custom text are included.

Installer VISE comes complete with our famous, helpful technical support at the same great price -- no extra charge.

More features and more details can be found in the Installer VISE documentation

Founded in 1987, MindVision Software is a recognized industry leader specializing in software delivery solutions for Windows and Macintosh, and is the only installer vendor offering solutions for both Windows and Macintosh. Thousands of software companies, including Microsoft, Apple, AOL, Corel, Adobe, Netscape, and FileMaker have come to rely on our software to deliver professional, easy-to-use installers to their customers.

Fully-functional evaluation versions of MindVision products can be obtained directly from the MindVision Web site, by calling (402) 477-3269, or by sending e-mail to

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