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  MindVision Ships Installer VISE 5.5

Takes Software Delivery to the Next Level

LINCOLN, NEBRASKA - July 2, 1998:

MindVision today announces the immediate availability of Installer VISE 5.5, a major upgrade to the industry standard Macintosh installer solution.

"Not only are our thousands of customers our #1 marketing resource, they are our best source of ideas for new features. Every feature in Installer VISE 5.5 is a result of ideas from our customers," said Steve Kiene, CEO of MindVision. "We are a customer-driven company. With the renewed developer interest in the Macintosh platform, MindVision continues to work harder than ever to produce the best software delivery tools to our thousands of loyal customers."

We keep raising the standard by which installers are measured. Installer VISE 5.5 puts the power into developers' hands to build the best installers with the strongest localization support, the most current Mac OS 8.5 support, and the most complete automation.

Installer VISE has earned the trust and admiration of thousands of developers for its great feature set, rock-solid reliability, and unparalleled responsiveness to customer needs. We work with our customers to quickly improve our products to meet their needs. Developers can be confident that their customers will enjoy a great first impression of the software they install with Installer VISE.

Fully-functional copies of Installer VISE 5.5 are available for downloading at



Here are some highlights of what's new in Installer VISE 5.5:

Package dependencies. When the end-user selects or deselects a particular package, the installer can automatically select/deselect other packages based on configurable dependencies.

On-screen archive reports. Easily examine all aspects of your installation in a variety of formats. Quickly find potential problems.

Package build directives. In addition to files, you can now conditionally include or exclude any packages from your finished installer. Great for creating different configurations of the same product.

Mac OS 8.5 savvy. Mac OS 8.5 adds and changes many things which affect installers. Installer VISE 5.5 is tested and ready for 8.5.

Billboard sets. Now it's a snap to create multiple "sets" of billboards to be used in different circumstances. Great for multi-language installers.

Localization enhancements. Many aspects of creating localized and multi-language installers have been enhanced.

Improved automation when updating your installer archive. Installer VISE automatically "sees" new files, adds them to your archive, and correctly configures installation options based on your previous actions.



Installer VISE 5.5 includes an entirely new assortment of real-world examples. Each example includes documentation, source files, and archives set up specifically to show you how to get the most out of Installer VISE. The examples include:

  • ReadWrite - read or write data in a file during the installation. Modify an existing or newly installed file, and change either the data fork or the resource fork.
  • 68K, PPC, Fat - how to install architecture-specific versions
  • Plug-Ins - Use variables to handle install logic differences. Uses Netscape and Internet Explorer to conditionally install different files.
  • Build automation - Automate a build with AppleScript.
  • Backup - save the existing version of a file before installing the new one.
  • Default Install Location - make it easy for users to simply click Install.
  • Embedded archive - include other archives; this is great for reuse, as well as structured packaging of your components.
  • Gestalt - check Gestalt values to decide whether to install system- dependent files.
  • Install and launch an application - Launch an existing application
  • Online customer registration
  • Key code - have the user enter a registration code before installing certain components.
  • Profiler - using different gestalt values, variables, and a form, display system configuration info to the user. Also submit the info by email to the developer for troubleshooting.
  • Smart Uninstall - demonstrates the differences between the default uninstaller and smart uninstallers you can build by adding delete actions to remove items created by your software after installation.
  • Wizard - create a wizard-style installer where the user steps through several screens before proceeding with an install.
  • Play a sound at any point during the install process
  • Play an asynchronous sound throughout the install process
  • Play a QuickTime movie



Our unmatched dedication to provide the very best tech support in the industry at the same old price. FREE!

Our ongoing support of qualified shareware and freeware authors with free access to full-strength professional installer tools.

A feature set designed specifically to meet the needs of our thousands of customers, from the smallest to the largest. Installer VISE is used to build the most complicated software installations on the Macintosh.

The great set of features introduced with

Installer VISE 5.0 less than one quarter ago. See the following web page for details: <>. In short, Installer VISE 5.0 delivered a web installer, a reorganized user interface, custom layouts, flexible report printing, a project window, embedded archives, multiple build destinations, build directives, enhanced billboards, user-definable forms, streamlined localization, enhanced action items, precise icon positioning, runtime variables, and selectable user interface options for end users. In addition, Installer VISE 5.0 included all of the functionality of Updater VISE built right in.

Fast and easy BinHex/MacBinary support for Internet downloads

Features you can't get anywhere else, including:

Embedded archives to easily modularize your installation

Custom forms, dialogs, and message boxes to interact with the user

Variables to graphically add programming-level power to your installer

Online customer registration

Build directives to customize your installations

Customizable builder interface

Task assistants to make getting started and putting the polish on installers easier than ever

If you build installers, Installer VISE 5.5 gives you more of what you want, and with more help than ever before. If you deliver software or content without an installer, there's never been a better time to start using Installer VISE.

Screen shots are available at our web site <>. More features and more details can be found in the Installer VISE 5.5 manual, also available at the web site.

Download Installer VISE 5.5 from While you're there, experience first-hand our Active Setup web installer for yourself. You'll see why developers all over the world choose Installer VISE.



When making a comparison between installer tools, here are some points worth considering:

Industry acceptance. Installer VISE is used by Microsoft, Adobe, MetaCreations, Metrowerks, FileMaker, AOL, Symantec, Apple, Dantz, Intuit, MacSoft, Netscape, Connectix, and most other major software companies. They didn't all start with Installer VISE, but they all use it now.

Innovation. Installer VISE has consistently been the first to market with the powerful features customers want. While others claim to have the same features, the proof is in the use. We encourage you to compare for yourself.

A company focused on developers. MindVision has been exclusively selling installation tools for over 7 years. That's all we do.

World-ready. Installer VISE can create installers in 16 languages.

Ready for Mac OS 8.5. Installer VISE can automatically install items into any of the new Mac OS 8.5 special folders.

Macintosh and Windows installers. MindVision recognizes that many Mac software companies are also working on Windows versions of their products. By offering installers for both platforms we eliminate the headache from having to use a cryptic script-based Windows installer. MindVision also offers Installer VISE Lite, a more focused, lower-cost installer for smaller Macintosh customers.

A company that cares. We always have, and always will offer our installer tools for free to shareware developers. We don't limit our offer to one year.


Founded eleven years ago, MindVision Software is a recognized industry leader specializing in software delivery solutions for Macintosh and Windows. Installer VISE has long been the industry standard installer for the Macintosh, and is rapidly gaining recognition as an excellent choice for Windows. Thousands of software companies, including Adobe, Microsoft, Apple, Netscape, Macromedia, MacSoft, AOL, Connectix, and FileMaker have come to rely on our software to deliver professional, easy-to-use installers to their customers.

Completely functional evaluation versions of MindVision products can be obtained directly from the MindVision Web site at, by calling (402) 477-3269, or by sending e-mail to

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