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MindVision Demonstrates Overall Commitment To Software Development Community

LINCOLN, NEBRASKA - March 5, 1998: MindVision Software, the leading provider of installer creation tools for the Macintosh® platform, has increased its Macintosh and Windows® development efforts as the company focuses solely on developers and their software delivery, installation, and updating needs. MindVision's total commitment to developers has made Installer VISE the professional's choice for thousands of developers worldwide.

Over the course of the past four years, Installer VISE has embraced new technologies with each of its four major releases to build on the great success and popularity of previous versions. Version 5.0, due in the first quarter of 1998, will further strengthen Installer VISE as the premier installer solution for the Macintosh platform. Installer VISE 5.0 represents the culmination of an unprecedented level of user-centered design and engineering investment.

As a demonstration of the ease of use, flexibility, power, and versatility of Installer VISE, consider the upcoming version of Microsoft Office 98 for Macintosh. This suite of products presented a daunting task for an installer because of its multiple products and multiple languages. Installer VISE 5.0 features a number of innovative breakthroughs which simplify the management and building process for these complex installers. This innovative technology is particularly striking because it does not require you to be a programmer to build these types of installers!

With electronic software distribution fast becoming a standard way to distribute software, MindVision will soon release a robust, full-featured Internet installer solution to provide developers the ability to deliver their software over the Web. In a typical scenario, a user will click on a link to download a tiny application, which will run just like any other installer. When it needs data to complete the install, it will selectively pull only the portions necessary to satisfy that given install. This technology will first be released in conjunction with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 for Macintosh, and will ship with Installer VISE 5.0 for Macintosh.

Additionally, Installer VISE 5.0 will include extensive Internet configuration support. Internet service providers (ISPs), as well as Internet software developers, will appreciate the ability to configure end-user machines to operate with their services and software.

Installer VISE 5.0 reinforces our total commitment to providing the best installer creation tool in the Macintosh industry. We spent months talking with our customers, analyzing their suggestions, and designing ways to improve the product to meet their needs. We devoted more engineering resources than ever before to guarantee that the software is packed with high-impact all-new features, and a subsequent press release will provide further details.

With the release of Installer VISE for Windows in September 1996, MindVision became the only company to offer a cross-platform installer solution. Development has progressed nicely, with a focus squarely on customer feature requests. Numerous enhancements and unique features are being added on a regular basis. Installer VISE for Windows is rapidly becoming the popular choice of Windows developers for software installation. Version 3.0, due in the first quarter of 1998, promises a number of technical and user-interface innovations to keep Installer VISE on the cutting edge of installer technology. A subsequent press release will provide further details.

MindVision has been working closely with Microsoft to prepare for significant installer-related changes planned for Windows NT 5.0 and Windows 98. As part of Microsoft's efforts to reduce the total cost of ownership, Microsoft is developing software installation technology ( MSI). MindVision has already invested several months in development, and will continue to do so to ensure that Installer VISE for Windows users have the best tools on the planet to automatically and transparently support MSI. Because of our preparation and close interaction with Microsoft, using Installer VISE now is a great way for software developers to prepare for MSI.

MindVision has also taken steps to further enhance its edge in the installer industry by naming Brian Gansemer, President, and Scott Boyd, VP of Business Development, to its executive management team. Steve Kiene, founder and owner of MindVision, will provide technical and business leadership in his continuing role as CEO.

Brian Gansemer was named President in July, and oversees the company's business and  development operations. Brian joined MindVision in 1994, and has contributed to the development of Installer VISE, Updater VISE, and Speed Doubler from Connectix. Brian's technical and management skills have contributed significantly to MindVision's success, and we look forward to his expanded responsibilities and leadership.

Scott Boyd joins MindVision as Vice President of Business Development. Scott brings a long-standing interest in Macintosh development and the software developer community. He co-founded and continues to run the annual MacHack Best Hack Contest. After six years as an Apple tech lead and senior software engineer, he served as Editor for MacTech Magazine. As a member of the MindVision team, his technical know-how and broad industry relationships will assist in the building of strategic business relationships with major software developers, including Apple Computer, Adobe, AOL, Claris, MetaCreations, Intuit, Metrowerks, Microsoft, and Netscape.

MindVision continues to foster a tradition of excellence in customer support. The expertise and helpfulness of our staff truly sets MindVision apart in an industry that seems to be moving away from the personal touch. MindVision knows that strong, timely support from knowledgeable engineers can make all the difference to a customer trying to ship software shipped on-time.

"I have never seen any company receive a feature request, add it to the program, and send me a newly compiled version within 24 hours. Amazing! MindVision is the Avis of installation programs. They try harder and succeed," says David Zizza, Principal, MediaWorks Interactive.

"As someone who did technical support not too long ago, it was nice to get a quick turnaround of my question, and have it be short and easily understood," observed Chris Yeh, Macintosh Build Engineer Gnome and Netscape Navigator Personal Edition for Macintosh QA Lead, Netscape Communications.

This has been a year of growth for the company, and MindVision has staffed up our engineering, quality assurance, and technical support teams. Our engineering staff now boasts over 60 years of combined experience in developing commercial software products.

MindVision's world wide web site,, is a complete resource for the latest product information, fully functional product downloads, software updates, online documentation, contact information, email support, price lists, and order forms. Other services currently being implemented are access to a developer's support mailing list, an online knowledge base, technical notes, newsletters, FAQ's, and an online enhancement request form.

To better serve Installer VISE customers, we have beefed up our electronic infrastructure. We installed a dedicated T1 connection. The increased bandwidth to our Web site delivers faster software downloads and access to product information. To service the demand, our internet servers now include three dedicated high-end machines with a combined storage capacity of over 15 gigabytes to handle web, ftp, and email services. Rounding out the infrastructure enhancements, we have also upgraded our phone system to provide more streamlined access to our technical support staff and full voicemail support.

"MindVision has experienced tremendous growth in the past year and we are committed more than ever to provide outstanding support and services to our customers. Our customers have made Installer VISE the de facto standard, and we are determined to continue providing absolutely the best products and support services available. In the next several months we will be announcing even more products and services to help our customers," stated Steve Kiene, CEO of MindVision. "Our unmatched commitment to customer satisfaction is part of reason why we have thousands of satisfied customers."

Founded in 1987, MindVision Software is a recognized industry leader specializing in software delivery solutions for the Macintosh and Windows platforms. Installer VISE for Macintosh has long been the industry standard installer for the Macintosh. Thousands of software companies, including Microsoft, Netscape, Adobe, and Claris have come to rely on our software to deliver professional, easy-to-use installers to their customers.

Completely functional evaluation versions of MindVision products can be obtained directly from the MindVision Web site at, by calling (402) 477-3269, or by sending e-mail to

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