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  What's New in 4.2

Balloon Help
Balloon Help was added to the Preferences, Advanced Settings, and Setup Installer dialogs for quick and easy setup for creating an installer.

Built-in MacBinary and BinHex Installer File Capabilities
Automatically create a one segment installer ready for Internet distribution by building the installer as a MacBinary or BinHex file.

Improved Install Locations Archive Report
The Install Locations report now includes information on an "Install If:" setting and an "Execute If:" setting for items to be installed during the installation.

Bug Fixes in Installer VISE 4.2

  • Fixed a problem with the Electronic Registration Module.
  • Fixed a problem in the installer where an Action Item that acts upon a "known" folder (i.e. System Folder) and no files are to be installed into any "known" folder, then the install may fail.
  • Fixed a problem where sometimes an "execute if" would not get processed correctly if it was assigned to an uncompressed file.
  • Fixed a problem where assigned billboards to different languages were displayed incorrectly.
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