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  What's New in 4.1


  • On-line Registration
  • Message Actions
  • Query MindVision Server
  • Built-in Application Compression
  • Create Updater Archive
  • Set Installer Memory Size
  • Substitution Strings
  • More Drag & Drop Support
  • Improved Find Actions
  • Improved Delete Actions
  • Improved Alias Actions
  • Improved Remove Actions
  • Improved Rename Actions
  • Improved Move Actions
  • More Flexible External Code
  • Improved File/Folder Settings
  • New Update Archive Apple Event
  • New Advanced Setting

On-line Registration
Create an on-line registration form the user will fill out and send via e-mail or regular mail to register your software. (See documentation for further details)

Message Actions
Message Actions are a powerful way for the installer to communicate with the end user. You can display messages and customize the installation based on the user's response. For example, you could ask the user if they want the installer to move an older version of the application to the Trash. Depending on their response, you would move the old application to the Trash.

Query MindVision Server
Select Query MindVision Server from the File Menu and a dialog appears telling you if you have the latest version of Installer VISE. This feature requires an Internet connection.

Built-in Application Compression
Allows you to select an application to compress resources using our Application VISE technology. These resources are decompressed as your application requests them. Fat applications cannot be compressed.

Create Updater Archive
You can now automate much of the process of creating a multi-file updater using the new Create Updater Archive command. This command will compare your installer archive file with a folder on disk containing your newer files and have Updater VISE 1.4 automatically generate the appropriate update files.

Set Installer Memory Size
Allows you to set Preferred and Minimum values for the Installer that will be created from this archive.

Substitution Strings
Allows you to enter a character that gets replaced by some text when the installer is begin built. The following areas look for these replace strings: Easy Install text, Package Names, Package Descriptions, Package Version, List Package Headers, List Package Footers. For example you can assign ^x (upper/lowercase matters) to be "1.2" so then when the installer is built, it will replace all ^x with 1.2. This is really handy for version strings.

More Drag & Drop Support

  1. Drag a file from the Finder into an action window sets all the attributes of the action window to attributes of the file
  2. Drag multiple files from the Finder into an action window (while holding down option key), will duplicate the current action x number of times (once for each file drug onto the action window).
  3. Drag an item (from the archive window) onto an alias action window, will say make the alias of the file drug on to that window.
  4. Drag an item (from the archive window) onto an action window (other than message or alias action), will assign the attributes of the drug file to the action window.
  5. You can drag a file onto "Set Install Icon" window and it will copy the icons from that file and use them for the custom icon for the installer.

Improved Find Actions
You can now find multiple occurrences of an item (file/folder) that allows the user to select which one of the items they want to use. For example, if you wanted to install some Netscape plug-ins, you would search for the Netscape application. If the Find "finds" more than one Netscape application, a list will appear asking the user to select the plug-ins folder they want the file to be installed into.

When the Allow Multiple Finds checkbox is turned on for the Find Action, you can add text that will be displayed to the user indicating which item to select as a result of the Find Action.

Improved Delete Actions
You can now Delete multiple occurrences of what you want to delete. Delete Actions can now be "Executed If" based on a Message Action or Find Action.

Improved Alias Actions
You can now select a folder to make an alias of during the install process.

Improved Remove Actions
A dialog box now appears telling the user an "Uninstall is in progress".

Improved Rename Actions
Rename Actions can now be "Executed If" based on a Message Action or Find Action.

Improved Move Actions
Move Actions can now be "Executed If" based on a Message Action or Find Action.

More Flexible External Code
If you include a code resource of type: 'Xcod' and ID = 9998, any time a package is checked or unchecked by the user this external code will get called allowing you to perform some function. If you return a non-zero value in eInfo->itemHit, the list will be redrawn and the disk space requirements will be recalculated.

Improved File/Folder Settings
(Accessed via the Get Info window in the builder). You can specify whether or not to retain the icon position for an item. If you do not retain the icon position then the Finder will place the icon for that item.

You can designate a particular folder to not be installed, then items in that folder are all installed somewhere else. This is useful if you wish to create "container" folders to group files in your archive.

For each file that gets installed to the boot volume, you specify whether or not that file sets the "restart after installing" flag.

You can now set the checkbox status for multiple files at the same time by selecting the files and holding down the option key while clicking on the Get Info button.

New Update Archive Apple Event
There is an apple event that will allow you to update just one item at the root level of your archive. The string that is passed is first, the path to the location on your HD that is the folder to compare, then a "," then the name of the item in the archive window that you want to update. This item to update MUST be an item at the root level of the archive.

tell application "Installer VISE 4.2"
UpdateOne {"HD_1:SourceOnHD:MainFolder,MainFolder"}
UpdateOne {"HD_1:SourceOnHD:MainFile,MainFile"}
end tell

New Advanced Setting
Always Set Install to Install Folder. When this checkbox is checked, new files added to the archive window always set their install location to the Install Folder. So Fonts, INIT's, etc. will not be defaulted to the appropriate folder. They will just be installed to the install folder.

Miscellaneous Changes
By selecting the Advanced Setting "Create Log File on Root of Install Volume", the log file will be installed to the root level of the drive the user chooses to install to.

All running applications are shut down before a Remove (Uninstall) is performed from the installer. This is to prevent the user from running an application that is about to be deleted.

Merging files during the install process, will now also append the data fork of the source file onto the end of the destination file. No changes have been made to resource merging.

The size of the package area is now retained in the archive window.

More color icons in Installer VISE

Edit Package List dialog - New packages are now added after the current selected package in the package list.

After adding files/folders to the archive window, a dialog may come up asking you if you want to move the "Icon" file to be right after the folder that it belongs in. This way the right after the folder gets created, it'll create the custom icon file so the Finder will recognize that the folder has a custom icon.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a problem with updaters files in the installer when some of the files to update were compressed with Application VISE and some were not.

Fixed a problem with the Remove feature so it will remove the Magic Folder.

Fixed a problem with installing a folder into another folder and the destination folder hasn't been created yet. For Example: Folder B gets installed into Folder A. Both A & B are at the root level of the archive. Folder B is an UNCOMPRESSED folder where folder A is compressed inside the archive. Folder B would try to be installed before folder A was installed because it was uncompressed.

Fixed a problem with the Remove feature where sometimes an error was reported that prevented the Remove action from being a complete remove.

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