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Localizing FileStorm Pro Installers

To localize a FileStorm Pro installer, follow these steps:

Setup and build your installer using FileStorm Pro

Duplicate and modify the English.lproj installer resources

  1. At the Finder, locate your built installer.
  2. Option click on the installer and select Show Package Contents.
  3. Open the Contents folder.
  4. Open the Resources folder.
  5. Duplicate the English.lproj folder.
  6. Rename the duplicate to Language.lproj. Substituting the name of the language you are localizing for "Language". Your folder should now be named German.lproj or French.lproj or whatever language you are localizing into.

  7. Open your new lproj folder and open Localizable.strings in a text editor.

  8. Edit the text inside quotes on the right side of the equal sign to build a localized version of each string.

Duplicate, rename, move and modify the installscript.plist for your new language

  1. In the Resources folder, duplicate "installscript.plist".
  2. Move the duplicate into the Language.lproj. In the example above we create a german.lproj folder.
  3. Remove "copy" from the newly moved filename. The file should now be named installscript.plist and should be located in new lproj folder.
  4. Open installscript.plist and twist down Root and Action list.

  5. Localize the string value for Bullet Title and Heading Title.

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