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Execute Script

Execute Script Properties

Option Function
Source Shows the path to the source file. If desired, you may enter a new source file path, or click the icon and make another selection. Note:
  • This action requires the use of UNIX shell scripts.
  • A common usage for this action is to execute a shell script immediately after installing a file or folder, in order to change permissions of the installed item. In this case, the install path would be entered into the Parameter field (see below), which enables the path to be passed to the script via the '$1' variable.
  • To enable use of shell scripts created with SimpleText in the Classic environment, the installer will strip Macintosh carriage returns from script files.
  • Be sure to save shell script files in plain text format, and to assign execute permissions to the file.
  • See the shell script examples included in the FileStorm Script Examples folder.
Parameter Specifies information to pass to the shell script in the form of a variable called '$1'. A common usage is to pass the install path of a recently installed item. For this, you would enter the same Install To path used for the Install Item. This field accepts the %INSTALL_VOLUME% variable used in conjunction with the Allow User To Select Install Volume feature (described in the Installer Properties page of this documentation). Other variables accepted in this field are %INSTALLER_ITEMS% (Path to Installer Items folder inside the FileStorm installer bundle) and %SELF% (Path to the application bundle of installer or uninstaller).

The Parameter field allows you to use one script in multiple actions, simply by varying the parameters in each action. It also allows for shorter shell scripts, as you don't need to hard code a specific path in the script.

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