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Option Function
Source Shows the path to the source file or folder. If desired, you may enter a new source path, or click the icon and make a selection.
Install To Specifies the item's install path. The popmenu includes several common install paths, which you can use as is or modify. Note:
  • The tilde (~) symbol is a shortcut to the user's home directory.
  • %INSTALL_VOLUME% is a variable filled when the user selects the install volume (if that option is in use). See the Installer Properties page of this documentation for more information.
  • Installed files and folders will always be set to the current owner and group, regardless of where the item is installed or whether the installer is authenticated. If you need to control the installed item's owner/group, you may do so through a script. (See the Execute Script page of this documentation to learn how to run scripts from a FileStorm Installer). Example shell scripts for setting owner/group are included in the FileStorm Script Examples.
Replace Determines the installer behavior for when a version of the install item already exists in the target location. The replacement options are: If Newer, Always, Never and Ask User. Note:
  • FileStorm Installers use version info in packages or version resource ('vers') before using the file/folder creation date to evaluate whether an install item is newer than the existing item.The installers write an entry to the install log (at Users/username/Library/Logs) when replacing an item based on creation date, rather than version.
  • Replacement of a folder includes all items in that folder. This is noteworthy because items in the older folder that do not exist in the new one will be lost. If you are concerned with inadvertently wiping out files, you can install them individually rather than within a folder.
Quit Action FileStorm installers can optionally logout a user or restart the user's computer at the end of an installation if a particular item is installed. The Quit Action allows you to prompt the user for logout or restart right before the installer quits, and then perform the appropriate action.

The Quit Action determines if the user should be prompted for restart or logout when the installer quits. The Quit Actions are: None, Prompt for Logout and Prompt for Restart. Note:

  • The Quit Action will only be valid if the install item is actually installed. For example, if a quit action is set for an install item and the item is not actually installed because the replace option was set to If Newer and the item on the user's machine exists and is newer than the item in the installer, the Quit Action will be ignored.

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