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Format Properties

To show the Property Inspector, do one of the following:

  • Click the Inspector icon in the Toolbar.
  • Select Show Inspector from the Project menu.
  • Double-click anywhere in the project window.

When first opened, the Property inspector will display the General Properties. If the properties popmenu has been changed and the Property Inspector closed, you will need to re-select Format from the popmenu. Command-2 is a keyboard shortcut for selecting Format from the properties menu.

Option Function
Volume Size Sets the volume size. The options are Automatic, Automatic + Fixed Size and Fixed. The automatic setting allocates the minimal size needed for the volume, and is the best choice if you plan to do all disk image editing from your FileStorm project. If you plan to edit the disk image outside of FileStorm, you can use one of the fixed settings to allocate the appropriate volume size. NOTE: Building a disk image that exceeds the set volume size will produce errors.
Build Format Sets the disk image format. Options are DMG (OS X only) and IMG (OS 9 and OS X). While DMG format disk images are the standard for OS X, Mac OS 9 cannot use DMG format disk images. If you need compatibility with Mac OS 9, use IMG format disk images. NOTE: IMG format disk images have a resource fork and therefore must be encoded before transmitting electronically by email or by web server.
Encryption Encrypts the disk image so that it requires a password to mount. Options are None and AES-128. Encryption is not available when build format is set to IMG.
Finalize Format Determines the disk image format when the Finalize command is used. Options are Read-only with compression and Read-only no compression.
Encode Format Determines how the disk image will be encoded when the Encode command is used. Disk image encoding can be done manually by clicking the encode button or it can be set to happen automatically after the finalize command (see below). Options are None, GZip, BZip, MacBinary, and BinHex. GZip and BZip are not available for IMG format disk images. NOTE: For compatibility reasons, the MacBinary and BinHex encoding options are disabled when running FileStorm on Intel machines. If you use an Intel machine to open a project that uses these encoding options, FileStorm will set the encoding back to None, and display a message that advises running FileStorm under Rosetta if you need to continue encoding as MacBinary and/or BinHex.
Perform encoding automatically after finalize When checked on, disk image encoding will occur automatically after Finalize.
Open volume after mounting Sets the volume to open automatically after mounting. NOTE: This is a legacy option. Starting with Mac OS X 10.2.3 disk image volumes are automatically opened by the system when mounted. When using this option with a volume set to show the Toolbar (the Toolbar was showing in the Project window at build time), the Toolbar will display properly on the automatic open, but it will not display when the volume is ejected and then manually reopened. This is due to an issue with the Finder.
Internet-Enabled (copy contents and delete image after mounting) Checking this option will automatically copy the contents of the disk image to the desktop and the disk image will be moved to the Trash. NOTE: This feature is only available for Mac OS X 10.2.3 or later, works only for DMG disk images and can only be set for finalized read-only disk images. IMG format disk images cannot have this option set. Because Disk Copy clears this flag after it processes a disk image, if you need to test the file before putting it online, you must make a copy of the disk image first and test the copy. You cannot retrieve a processed disk image from the Trash and then place it online, it will no longer be enabled with this option.
Remove .svn files To prevent conflicts with Subversion, you can check this option, which instructs FileStorm to remove folders named ".svn" from disk images at build time.

For information on how to set disk image properties, see the Building a Disk Image page of this documentation.

For information on how to set FileStorm Installer properties, see the General Installer Properties section of this documentation.

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