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General Disk Image Properties

To show the General Disk Image Properties, do one of the following:

  • Click the Inspector icon in the Toolbar.
  • Select Show Inspector from the Project menu.
  • Double-click anywhere in the project window.

When first opened, the Property inspector will display the General Properties. If the properties popmenu has been changed and the Property Inspector closed, you will need to re-select General from the popmenu. Command-1 is a keyboard shortcut for selecting General from the properties popmenu.

Option Function
Disk Image File Specifies the path and name for the disk image file. You should replace "Untitled" with your own disk image name.
Volume Name Specifies the name of the volume that will mount when this disk image is opened. You should replace "Untitled" with your own volume name.
Custom Icon Specifies the icon displayed for the disk image. The default is a FileStorm icon, which you may replace with one of your own. The required image format is ICNS. Tools for creating ICNS files include Apple's IconComposer, Resorcerer and various Adobe Photoshop plug-ins.
Background Image Specifies the background image for the disk image. The default is a FileStorm background image. You may replace this background image with your own standard image file.
Icon Size Dynamically changes the size of icons displayed in the disk image window.
Text Size Dynamically changes the text size for icons displayed in the disk image window.

NOTE: You can use FileStorm Preferences/Defaults to save the following General properties so you don't have to edit them for each new project: Disk Image File,Volume Name, Custom Icon and Background Picture.

For information on how to set disk image properties, see the Building a Disk Image page of this documentation.

For information on how to set FileStorm Installer properties, see the General Installer Properties section of this documentation.

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