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The Property Inspector

The Property Inspector displays the properties of whatever is selected in the project window. This could be a file, folder, installer or the disk image.

To show the Property Inspector, do one of the following:

  • Click the Inspector icon in the Toolbar.
  • Select Show Inspector from the Project menu.
  • Double-click anywhere in the project window.

Option Function
Position/Size Sets the position and size of the disk image. You may enter these values here in the Property Inspector, or manually move and resize the project window.
Lock Position/Size Locks the disk image position and size. This is useful for ensuring that important portions of the disk image always display.

The position and size properties noted above are common to all disk image items. The remaining properties depend on the item, as follows:

  • For a file or folder, a "Hide File" option will be available. This option hides the item so that it does not display on the disk image, or affect the image's items count. Applying this option to a folder hides the folder and its contents.
  • For the disk image, properties are divided into three groups:
  • For information on how to set FileStorm Installer properties, see the Installer Properties section of this documentation.

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