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Adding Installers

With the regular version of FileStorm, it's easy to create great-looking disk images containing files that users can simply drag and drop to install. However, a limitation of this method is that everything is up to the user – you have no simple way to automatically install files and present information.

For more complex digital delivery needs, there is FileStorm Pro, which includes all the features of the regular edition plus the ability to create powerful software installers.

Features of FileStorm Installers

FileStorm Installers are standalone applications that can be included on the disk image. These installers can help assist users through the successful installation of your software and other files.

Some tasks that you can accomplish with a FileStorm Installer include:

  • Install files and folders to the proper locations on the user's computer.
  • Display a license agreement and require users to accept before installing the software.
  • Display a Read Me document.
  • Display graphical images in one of many formats, including JPEG, TIFF, EPS, GIF, PNG, BMP, PICT, PDF and PSD.
  • Display HTML pages, including live content if the user has an Internet connection.
  • Play QuickTime movies for promotional or informational purposes.
  • Execute custom shell scripts during installation to accomplish various system tasks.
  • Execute custom shell scripts at launch and/or exit of installer and/or uninstaller.
  • Control installer access with user authentication.
  • Provide an uninstaller for users to track and uninstall software.

To add a FileStorm Installer, do one of the following (FileStorm Pro only):

  • Click the Add Installer icon in the Toolbar.
  • Select Add Installer from the Project menu.
  • Drag and drop an installer from another FileStorm project.

After you add an installer, you may set its various properties and the actions it should perform. See the General Installer Properties section of this documentation.

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