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  FileStorm Preferences

To access FileStorm Preferences, select Preferences from the FileStorm menu. The following window displays.

FileStorm Preferences/General

Option Function
Open new project at launch Sets FileStorm to open a new project at launch.
Confirm before deleting project items Sets FileStorm to ask for confirmation each time you attempt to delete a project item.
Inspector is floating panel Makes the Property Inspector a floating panel so that it is always the top layer when FileStorm is active. NOTE: Disable this option if you want to build your lists of FileStorm Installer actions using drag and drop.

Click the Defaults tab to display the window shown below.

FileStorm Preferences/

Option Function
Disk Image File Specifies the path and name for the disk image file that FileStorm builds.
Volume Name Specifies the name of the volume that will mount when the disk image is opened.
Custom Icon Specifies the icon displayed for the disk image. The required image format is ICNS. Tools for creating ICNS files include Apple's IconComposer, Resorcerer and various Adobe Photoshop plug-ins. NOTE: To restore the original settings that specify a FileStorm custom icon, use the Restore option noted below.
Background Picture Specifies the background picture for the disk image. You can use any standard image file for the background picture. NOTE: To restore the original settings that specify a FileStorm background picture, use the Restore option noted below.
Restore Restores the four preceding options to their original settings.

These defaults allow you to save frequently used settings so you don't have to edit them for each new project. You can override these defaults for individual projects by editing their corresponding settings under General Disk Image Properties

Click the Software Update tab to display the window shown below

FileStorm Preferences/Software Update

Option Function
Automatically check for software updates Sets FileStorm to check for software updates each time it is launched. This check will only occur when an active Internet connection is found. NOTE: Using this check with slower Internet connections may hamper FileStorm's ability to quickly launch. If you encounter this problem, you can shut off the automatic check and periodically use the manual one described below.
Check Now Allows you to manually check for software updates.

When a software update is available, FileStorm will give you the option to purchase (when applicable) and receive the update without ever leaving the application.

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